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Tooth Cleaner Three-speed Rinsing Mode Adjustment 220ML

Tooth Cleaner Three-speed Rinsing Mode Adjustment 220ML


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Dr.isla Scaling Cleaner Water Floss Electric Oral Lrrigator 220ml Teeth Cleaner Ultraviolet Sterilization Function Three-speed Rinsing Mode Adjustment USB Charging CF200


1. 0.6mm ultra-fine water flow can precisely clean the gaps between teeth and the corners of the mouth.
2. The high-frequency pulse technology and smart chip precisely control the pressure, so that the water column penetrates deep into the teeth and easily cleans oral residues.
3. Rotate the nozzle 360° for thorough cleaning. The strength changes from weak to strong, with strong adaptability, does not hurt the gums, and is not easy to bleed.
4. 3 speed adjustment modes to meet different cleaning needs.
5. Use food grade materials, safe and secure.
6. IPX7 waterproof

Material: PP
Power: 2W
Water tank capacity: 240ml
Working mode: Pulse
Waterproof grade: IPX7
Modes: Soft Mode, Strong Mode, Pulse Mode
Smart time: 2 minutes automatic stop
Charging time: about 2-3 hours
Use time: about 20 days
Charging display: the indicator light flashes when charging, and the indicator light is always on when fully charged.

Package contains
1 water flosser
1 x User Manual
1 x USB cable


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ulyaa binti Abdul Noor
Satisfactory product

I rarely use dental rinsers, but this product works so well that I have to give it a thumbs up!

Sepiah binti Che
Easy to use!

Experience it immediately after receiving the express delivery. There are several flushing modes, which are very convenient to use!

Musheer bin Haatim

The quality is very good and it can last a long time on a single charge, which meets my daily needs.

Maa'iz bin Suhaib
durable product

This product rinses teeth very clean. It is the first time I have used such an easy-to-use product.

Zuraara bin Zuraara
great product

The water flow of this product is very thin, and the rinse is very clean, a good product!

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