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Portable Asthma Nebulizer Mini Medical Nebulizer

Portable Asthma Nebulizer Mini Medical Nebulizer


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Dr.isla Portable Air Humidifier Asthma Nebulizer Adult Child Health Spray Device Silent Mini Medical Nebulizer N9

1. Compact and portable, easy to hold, no "line" restrictions

2. automatic cleaning mode, one-click cleaning is not easy to clog

3. Two convenient power supply methods for home and outdoor use (built-in battery power supply, power supply)

4. 40 decibel atomization is quiet and quiet

5. The median particle size is 4.2 nanometers, fine and easy to absorb.

6. 0.5 LM liquid drug residue is small and reduces drug liquid waste.

7. About 110g, small and portable, even children can atomize with one hand

8. Mesh-type high-frequency oscillating mist liquid is more fully utilized

9. The removable atomizing medicine cup can be disassembled with one click for easy cleaning.

10. Transparent medicine cup design, intuitive display of the remaining medicine amount

11. Dew is smooth and does not choke your throat. Efficient atomization does not wait (atomization rate can reach 0.2 ml/min).

12. The tiltable design of the medicine cup meets the atomization needs of babies in various postures.

13. Two-color indicator light design

14. Masks made of soft PP material are skin-friendly, fit, and safe.

15. Frequency conversion technology to meet the needs of babies of different ages

(Different tolerance to aerodynamic dose)

Recommended level 1 for babies aged 0 ~ 1 year

Recommend level 2 for babies aged 1 to 3 years

Recommend level 3 for babies 3~12+

16. Medicine glass capacity 15ML

17. Medical grade quality

18. Gear memory mode

19. Low point reminder


Adult masks, children's masks (with lanyard holes, with bone support)

The mask strap, mouth cover, nose bag, storage bag, data cable, and user manual, must be read before using the certificate


1. medical ultrasonic nebulizer

2. Power supply: Built-in power/battery-type cable

3. Spray rate: greater than 0.5ml/min

4. Spray particle size: the proportion of spray particles is small

5. Greater than 9Um and greater than 50%

6. Liquid cup capacity: 15ML

7. Noise: Below 40dB

8. Working voltage: DC 3V

9. Weight: about 110g

10. Size: 49X56X127mm

Timing function 11.10 minutes

12. Oscillation frequency: 140khz10/%

13. Atomization rate: ≥ 0.2ml/min

14. Working temperature: 5 °C ~ 40 °C

15. Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa ~ 105kPa

16. Ambient temperature of storage and transportation: -20C ~ 55 °C

17. Relative humidity: <93% RH

18. Charging current 450ma

19. Static power consumption <30uA

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