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Noise Canceling Safety Earplugs Protective Earplugs

Noise Canceling Safety Earplugs Protective Earplugs


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Dr.isla Earmuffs Ear Plugs Protective Earplugs Noise Canceling Safety EarPlug Sleep Earmuffs YR772

Made of high quality silicone and memory foam, soft and stretchy, fits contours effectively.
Not only can effectively reduce noise, but also wear soft and comfortable.
Upgrade the ear support, increase the fit and comfort of wearing, and ensure that the earphones do not fall off easily during exercise!
Super high value storage design, easy to carry
Can be washed and cleaned repeatedly.

1. Custom made Create exclusive small ear canals. Earplugs that include small ear canals for women.
2.IDEAfoam earplug+ Custom soft elastomer +filter, 3-layer sound insulation build, make the sound insulation stronger for reasons of comfort.
3.Smart design, small and soft earplugs are not only comfortable to wear, free from foreign body sensation, but also fit in the ear securely. They don't fall off easily even if you lie on your side. They are the first physical line of defense against noise.
Replacement 4.5 sponges + 1 pair of double layer silicone 2 types of noise reduction experience Nano silica gel/sponge can be replaced at will
5. iMeBoBo earplugs use IDEAFOAM formula and sponge workmanship to have stronger sound insulation effect and new patented technology. Slow bounce design makes wearing more comfortable and precise bounce.

Item Type: Earplugs
Material: silicone, sponge
Function: protect the ear
Scope of use: dustproof and soundproof
Colors: Cherry Blossom Pink, Ocean Blue, Daisy Yellow
How to use: rub into a long strip and insert it into the ear canal

Package includes:
1 pair of 100% silicone ear tips.
5 pairs of earplugs *sponge
1 * earplugs storage box
1 * Memory foam plug storage box

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