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Portable Nesh Nebulizer For Adult Kids

Portable Nesh Nebulizer For Adult Kids


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 Dear customer, we would like to remind you that the N6 model does not have a battery (it is recommended to purchase a 2A lithium battery offline). The battery placement is positive and negative, and the medicine cup should be filled with liquid medicine/physiological saline (pure water cannot produce fog). If the fog is small, please check if the device has been adjusted to the wrong gear.

Nebulizer is a kind of common medical instrument used to administer nebulizer to patients with respiratory diseases. Liquid medicine is transformed into gas by means of ultrasound or heat, and sent into the respiratory tract of patients, so as to treat some respiratory diseases.


【Treat respiratory diseases & prevent respiratory infections】

It is widely used in curing diseases of the respiratory system, such as cold, fever, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pneumonic mycosis, and pulmonary heart disease. It can also be used to cure occupational disease; give throat care to the artists, cure ENT throat diseases like chronic allergic rhinitis, acute laryngitis, acute pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, etc.


【It works for everyone】

The nebulizer is available to adults, aged people, infants and children must under adults supervision.


【IEC certification】

The nebulizer can be used at homehold environment, and it complies with requirement of IEC 60601-1-11.


【Ultra-long battery life】

For the battery, the device can be used for approximately 8 days if operating for 30 minutes a day.This allows you to use it anytime, anywhere.

• Do not use purified water or mineral water.


• Use tap water first for testing the nebulizer.


• All ways remember to clean the cup after every time use to avoid clogging. ( parts are avail for sale in our shop )

• Do not put oil or oily liquids inside the cup to avoid damage and clogging.

• Always check if the cup is properly attached.

• Fill the cup full first and test.

• Low noise design, the atomization is quiet and comfortable, and the sound is small.

• Small particles and large amounts of atomization.

• Intelligent low-power consumption mode, the atomizer has a long standby time.


• If after following these steps your problem is still not solved. Please send us a complete video and clear photos of the item problem and we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.



Suitable for the crowd: children/adults/elderly/patients

Material: ABS

Commodity quality certification: CEOscillation frequency: 108kHz+10%Condensation speed: 20.2mlmin.Atomized particles:<5umResidual liquid volume: 0.5ml

Drug Flow: Approx.0.35ml/min

Cup capacity: 8ml

Noise: s50Db(A)

Protection class:IPX3

Power: 2 AA batteries or DC 5V USB cable.Product weight: 110g+10%

Dimensions: 1.96” x 1.88" x 5.11”(5 x .8 x 13cm)


 Package contents

1 Atomizer Nebulizer

1 Adult mask

1 Child mask

1 Mouthpiece

1 Storage bag

1 x USB cable

1 x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

The instructions are vague, where do i put the solution? What is the cup? Am i supposed to pull it apart? This is my first nubilizer

Gave my freedom back!

While I am sure this portable Nebulizer doesn't match my desk model 110 Volt nebulizer that gives particle size of 2 µm, while the output on this is stated as 3.5 µm. However if I want to go shopping, take a trip, or visit the grandkids, I can use it anywhere, something I can't do with the desk model. I just do a little concentrating on taking really deep breaths, which get those particles where I want them, according to internet searches. I have been known to sit up on the side of my bed in the middle of the night to use the portable, Instead of getting out of bed and going into another room to use the desk model. I become so happy with the Dr. Isla portable I bought another. One sits on my night stand and the other is in a small handled box-shaped zipper bag with spare batteries, a USB cord in case I want to use it plugged in, and spare capsules of Albuterol Sulfate. I can go anywhere I want, any time I want, stay as long as I want and am no longer a "homebound invalid."

Maxine Denton
Not as I expected

I waited 3 weeks for this and it doesn’t work with the batteries so not really portable which is why I bought it.

Very good article


Excelente, Funcionan muy bien.

Muy practico, tengo dos meses con mi nebulizador y esta perfecto

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