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Daily Nasal Rinsing Nasal Wash Nose Cleaner

Daily Nasal Rinsing Nasal Wash Nose Cleaner


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1. Fine mist: quantitative micro-spray, evenly covering and cleaning small corners of the nasal cavity.
2. Small and portable: It can be carried with you to solve nose discomfort anytime and anywhere.
3. Gentle nose care: quickly relieve nose discomfort
4. Widening design: prevent too deep into the nostril
5. Smooth and burr-free: protect the fragile nasal cavity
6. Detachable and washable nozzle: easy to clean and keep clean
7. Protective cover design: protect the nozzle and reduce pollution

1. It is strictly forbidden to wash the nose with pure water.
2. Strictly configure the concentration of nasal wash saline according to the product instruction manual to avoid discomfort
3. Children 12 years and younger should be used under the guidance of a physician or parent.
4. It is strictly prohibited for patients with otitis media if one nostril is blocked.
5. Rinse the nasal cavity according to the correct posture described in the product instruction manual. If coughing, vomiting, sneezing, and other discomforts occur during washing, stop immediately. Wash the nasal wash thoroughly before and after each use.
6. The nasal washing device is intended for personal hygiene only and should not be shared with others.

Scope of application:
This product is suitable for nasal cavity washing, daily nasal cavity cleaning, and health care for occupational inhalation of dust.

Capacity: 330ml
Color: blue /red/green

product list:
1*Nasal Wash Neti Pot 
3*nasal wash head (1 for adults/1 for children/1 for ear)
1*Temperature stickers

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