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Elderly Portable Hearing Aid Four Level Volume

Elderly Portable Hearing Aid Four Level Volume


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Dr.isla Elderly Hearing Aid Rechargeable Dual Function High And Low Frequency Four Volume Levels H11

Product Features:
1. Designed for the elderly or people with hearing problems, suitable for helping hearing loss or patients.
2. Low power consumption, high fidelity, good quality chip, invisible flesh-colored body will not be anomalous in the crowd.
3. Equipped with multi-level volume control to suit your own needs and
4. Mini size and light weight make it easy to carry and space-saving.
Using digit circuit, automatic noise reduction, high sensitivity and natural sound give you a comfortable experience.
5. Non-toxic material equipped with soft silica gel, will not harm your ears.
6. Equipped with 3 different size earplugs, ergonomic design, comfortable to wear.

Product Description:
【Voice control】:
There are 4 levels of volume control. Users are advised to activate the speaker at level 1 and then adjust it to a suitable level.
【battery installation】:
Open the battery cover with your fingertips and insert the battery as shown above (Use 1.5Vmini)
【Instructions for use】:
a. turn the volume to level 1.
b. check the battery in place.
c. put the speaker in your ear, make sure the earphone is properly in your ear before turning it on.
【Preventive measure】:
This product does not have a waterproof function and should be placed in a dry place. Please adjust the volume slowly to avoid discomfort. If you have hearing loss, please listen to the doctor's advice!

1. Product Name: Portable Hearing Aid
2. Product size: 8.5*8.5*2.5cm
3. Product weight: 70g
4. Maximum saturation sound pressure:: ≤130dB+3dB
5. Average high frequency CSPL90: 110dB±4dB
6. Full acoustic gain: 28dB±5dB
7. Frequency response range (not less than): 100Hz~ 4500Hz
8. Total spectral wave distortion:≤10%
9. Equivalent input noise level: ≤30dB+3dB
5. Standard parameters:
Maximum saturation sound pressure: : ≤130dB+3dB
CSPL90∶ 110dB±4dB high frequency average
Full acoustic gain: 28dB±5dB
Frequency response range (not less than): 100Hz~ 4500Hz
Total spectral wave distortion:≤10%
Equivalent input noise level: ≤30dB+3dB

Package contents
1 * host
3 * various sizes of earplugs
2 * button cells
1 * instruction manual

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