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Baby Bottle Sterilizer Bottle Warmer 4 in 1 High Capacity Baby Bottle Dryer

Baby Bottle Sterilizer Bottle Warmer 4 in 1 High Capacity Baby Bottle Dryer

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Dr.isla Sterilizer Botol Bayi Bottle Warmer 4 in 1 Kapasitas tinggi Pengering botol susu bayi BPA Free Baby Safe Sterilizer Dot Bayi Botol Susu Penghangat ASI Food processor N30


➖Healthy ingredients

- Made of PP material, safe and environmentally friendly.


➖Disinfection rate as high as 99.9%

- 360° high-temperature steam combined with hot air drying for three-dimensional sterilization. The sterilization rate is as high as 99%, preventing bacteria from breeding. Eliminate secondary pollution caused by boiling sterilization and blind spots caused by ultraviolet sterilization.


➖Hot hot milk

- Heat milk continuously for 12 hours with the right temperature control. Restores breast milk temperature (constant thawing temperature at 40 degrees, locking the body's immunity) when the water temperature reaches the set temperature. The indicator light will always be on. and go to constant temperature click "Cancel" if you don't want to maintain a constant temperature.

- With silent technology, the sound produced is only 30 decibels so it doesn't disturb your family's rest.

- Steam food and heat food supplements easily.

➖Large capacity

- Two-tier bulk storage structure. Better understand your needs (can sterilize bottles, pacifiers, eating utensils, and other children's products (10 bottles at a time)

- The new chassis has been improved. Easy to clean and less stains (the heating plate has a non-stick enamel coating. Stains can also be cleaned)

➖Easy to use: Comes with instructions.

-Large touch LED screen, one-button operation, simple and easy to use.

-Automatic power off, more convenient to use at home


-**Add about 120-150ml water**

- Effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 10 minutes.

For use with microcomputer systems

- LED touchscreen

- Sterilize up to 10 bottles of milk and other baby products. direct

- Can heat liquid food

-Multiple operating modes, including steam, dry, or one-touch steam and dry modes.

-Has a safety protection system. Automatically turn off the power when the water boils dry. or discontinues use

-Safe material, does not contain BPA which affects growth hormones, nervous system, brain system, etc.



- Do not pour water into the vent when in use, as this will damage the machine. We are not responsible for these problems.

Product features:

1-Disinfection: 15 minutes (time cannot be adjusted)

2-Drying time: display time 40 minutes, actual drying time 50 minutes (adjustable 120 minutes)

3-Sterilization + drying: 65 minutes (time can be adjusted to 120 minutes)

4-Hot food: 5 minutes (time can be adjusted up to 60 minutes)

5- Warm milk: Water temperature 40℃ (adjustable from 35℃ to 55℃), maximum storage time is 12 hours, and automatically stops after 12 hours.


- Product Name: Multifunctional bottle sterilizer

- white

- Sterilization certificate status: valid

- Heating power: 600W

- Drying power: 180W

-Power supply voltage: 200V~50Hz

-Material: PP, 304 stainless steel

- Rated power: 220~50Hz

-Product size: 27*18*37CM

- Box size: 28*21*27 cm.

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