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Fully Automatic Cordless Electric Breast Pump 1500mAh Portable Breast Pump Night Light Function

Fully Automatic Cordless Electric Breast Pump 1500mAh Portable Breast Pump Night Light Function

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Dr.isla Portable Automatic Cordless Electric Breast Pump Breast Pump (Newborn Breast Milk) Strong Suction breast pump EB23

Note: If it cannot be used normally, please contact customer service for video consultation and feedback on the problem to customer service

Some common problems and their solutions

1. When turning on the breast pump, you need to press and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. If the charging cable is connected, it cannot be turned on. You need to unplug the charging cable and hold it to turn it on.
2. If the pump cannot be reached after the engine is started, the engine pump can be removed reinstalled, and tightened to avoid air leakage and starting failure.
3. If you cannot turn on the product after receiving the goods, you can charge the product fully, then unplug the charging cable and turn it on again.

1. Night light function, you no longer feel dark when pumping breast milk at night

2.1500mAh large capacity battery, super long battery life

3. The oval appearance is suitable for various breast shapes, and the size is 24mm. 360° rotation for a perfect fit.

4. Four adjustment modes, the suction level can reach 1-15 levels

Massage mode (15 levels): The frequency is short, the frequency is uniform, and fast, stimulates the breast to secrete the mammary glands, and stimulates the ejection of breast milk.

Milk pumping mode (15 levels): long frequency, deep and long frequency, to remove milk from the milk duct.

Lactation mode (15 levels): Massage and pump are run alternately to simulate a baby, which can directly hit the depth of the mammary glands and express breast milk effectively.

Hybrid bionic mode (15 levels): Massage and dredge the mammary glands while sucking, which helps speed up the stimulation of breast milk ejection and express breast milk

5. High-definition screen: The LED screen is intelligently adjusted to display real-time usage time in minutes.

Health Tips:
1: Wash your hands before expressing or handling breast milk.
2: Use a hot towel to warm up the breast pump before pumping. Massage stimulates the areola, making the breasts completely transparent.
3: Express milk under your pressure. If your breasts or nipples hurt, stop pumping.
4: Pump for eight minutes only (no more than 20 minutes)
5: Use a container with a lid when storing breast milk
6: Express breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)
7: Do not mix refrigerated breast milk with fresh breast milk.
8: Thaw cold breast milk or attach a container to warm breast milk for warm feeding.
9: If your baby cannot drink thawed breast milk after 24 hours, please do not refrigerate the breast milk. Discard any remaining containers and sterilize the containers.

How to use an electric breast pump?
1: Users should maintain a comfortable and relaxed sitting posture. When pumping, place a footrest under your feet and lift your legs to avoid putting pressure on your lower back.
2: Use a hot towel to gently massage the breasts.
3: Align the center of the silicone gel with the nipple and attach it tightly to the breast to avoid air entry.
4: Click the button, and the breast pump starts working, adjust the breast pumping position as needed.
5: Note: Do not pump milk immediately after turning on the machine. Wait for the host to run for 30 seconds before pumping.

Material: ABS+PP+silica gel
Bottle capacity: 180ml
Adjustable levels: 15 levels per mode
Power supply: USB charging.
Dimensions: approx. 19.8*7.7cm

Packing list:
1 x electric breast pump
1 USB charging cable.
1x Product Guide.
1x portable travel bag
1x additional duck valve

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