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Baby Nasal Aspirator With 3 Levels Of Suction, Music Function And Storage Box

Baby Nasal Aspirator With 3 Levels Of Suction, Music Function And Storage Box

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Dr.isla Baby Snot Vacuum 3 Suction Levels Baby Snot Suction Music Function Equipped with Storage Box Nasal Aspirator Baby U91

Safety precautions

1. Keep your baby's mouth open when using. Check the airflow in the nasal cavity. Avoid discomfort caused by negative pressure on the head.

2. Do not block the baby's other nostril in the nasal aspirator workshop to avoid discomfort caused by negative pressure on the head.

3. During use, when the storage cup capacity reaches half, please clean it in time before the next use. This is to prevent slime from being sucked into the air pump and damaging the product.

4. When cleaning the product, do not soak or clean the entire product. This product is not waterproof.
【Safe and Effective】 Drisla's exclusive KB Air Flow technology improves flow. When your baby's nostrils are blocked or a lot of mucus comes out. Use the tip of the flask and make sure it fits into the nostril to create a seal. Use the tip of the cone to squirt the saline solution into your baby's nose when he has a little dry mucus and wait 30 seconds to a minute for the mucus to soften. And make the pattern close to the mucus then start sniffing.

【Soft and Comfortable】The baby nasal aspirator is equipped with 3 food grade silicone tips, BPA and latex-free, made of soft material and will not damage the nasal membranes. Suitable for babies and children aged 0-12 years, gently cleans baby mucus. For a safe and comfortable experience

【Adjustable Suction Power】The electric nasal aspirator has 3 adjustable suction levels, with a maximum suction power of 68Kpa, which can easily remove thick and thin mucus so that your baby can breathe easily. Great gift for new moms.

【Low Noise and Music】Upgraded built-in motor, high speed, low noise, baby will not be easily noticed. Snorting is easy. It also has light and soothing music functions to attract the baby's attention and effectively reduce the baby's nasal suction resistance.

【Super Long Battery Life】Innovative battery management system. Battery life is up to 2.3 hours, and charging is fast, safe, and stable. It can be used 20 times after fully charged. Equipped with a storage box, neatly organized and easy to carry when traveling. This is a must for babies!

【Safe and Reliable】Our baby electric nasal aspirator is made of high-quality BPA-free material (ABS+PC+Silicone), which is safe for your baby's delicate skin. The detachable design makes it easy to clean and wash after use.

【Happy Baby & Happy Parents】 Say goodbye to sleepless nights and stuffy noses with our electric baby nasal aspirator. It's the perfect tool to keep your baby comfortable and healthy so you can get the rest he needs.


1. Using the tip of the flask, make sure it fits 100% into the nostril to create a seal.

2. Do not soak the body or wash it with water.

3. If the mucus exceeds 50%, please clean the holding container.


Material: ABS + PC + silica gel

Suction power: maximum 65kpa

Noise: 58dB

Power: Max 2w

Suction strength: level 3

Battery capacity: 3.7V 700mAh

Charging: 5V 1A

Age: Newborn - 12 years

Packing list:

1 * nasal aspirator

3 * nozzles

1 * USB charging cable

1 * storage box

1 * tweezers

1 * User Manual (English)

General Questions

1. If the phone is not turned on, how many times will the phone flash before turning off automatically?

Answer: Nasal aspirators have very low power when they leave the factory. Please charge before use.

2. Low suction power and poor suction effect?

Answer: The nasal aspirator sucks out dirt in the nose through airflow. When inhaling, do not place the air inlet of the suction head too close to the skin. If the air intake is close to the skin, a closed environment is created. And not suitable if you can't breathe or have a cold.

3. Is it difficult to clean the dirt in your nose?

A: Dry or hardened Nazocine has a high absorption capacity. Soften the nazocine with salt water before cleaning.

4. Does mucus come out of the ventilation hole when you sniff?

A: Please turn it off

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