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Baby Nasal Aspirator 3 Levels Of Suction Music Function Comes With Storage Box LED Night Light

Baby Nasal Aspirator 3 Levels Of Suction Music Function Comes With Storage Box LED Night Light

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Dr.isla Baby Snot Vacuum 3 Level Suction Snot Sucking Baby Music Function Equipped With Storage Box LED Night Light Nasal Aspirator Baby U92


This ensures optimal performance and longevity of your baby's nasal aspirator. It's important to address common problems and learn how to care for your equipment properly. Here are some common issues and solutions:


Frequently asked questions:

1. The nasal aspirator does not turn on or turn off after flashing several times.

Solution: Please charge the nasal aspirator fully before use. This is because when you receive the nasal aspirator, the battery may be low. Please charge before use.


2. Low suction power or the nose suction effect is not ideal.

Solution: --Check whether each component is installed correctly.

- - Nasal aspirators use a stream of air to suck out mucus. Avoid completely sealing the nozzle to the skin during use. This can create a closed environment. And cause poor suction or unsatisfactory nasal suction effect.


3. Difficulty expelling dry or hardened mucus.

Solution: Dry or hardened mucus has good adhesion. Soften it with salt water before trying to clean it.


4. Slime spurts from the drain hole when sucked.

Solution: Please turn off the device. Clean the collection cup. And make sure not to fill it more than half its capacity.

Are you bored of using the same ventilator? Doesn't this work effectively? Don't hesitate any longer! Drisla's newest flagship product, the G3 Baby Electric Nasal Aspirator, is a game changer with cutting-edge high-flow technology.


Super strong suction power of 8 liters/minute, sucks mucus quickly and gently in seconds. Drisla instantly relieves your baby's blocked nose and helps him breathe more easily. Drisla not only relies on suction but also works more gently and does not harm the nasal mucosa.


Drisla uses new battery technology to provide up to 210 minutes of battery life, easily relieving nasal congestion anytime, anywhere.


Our children are tired of suffering because ordinary electric ventilators are unable to suck out mucus. We invented the high-flow nasal aspirator, which uses KB's proprietary airflow technology to solve the problem of the inability to expel nasal mucus.

About this product:


----- MOST POWERFUL MOTORCYCLE: Taking Baby Koala's many innovations into account, the new G3 motorbike is our most powerful motorbike.


----- Strongest suction power: Drisla electric nasal aspirator uses exclusive KB Air Flow technology to achieve the strongest suction power of 8 liters/minute, which can quickly suck up mucus in just 3 seconds and immediately relieve your baby's blocked nose. This is necessary for newborns.


----- Longest battery life: Drisla Baby Nose Sucker features new battery technology that lasts up to 210 minutes on a full charge. Equipped with 100% high-quality Type-C copper cable for your convenience.


----- Flexible Tips: We really care about your baby's health. The nose tip is made of food grade 6155 soft silicone, does not contain BPA, and does not harm the baby's nasal mucosa. Suitable for ages 0-12: babies, toddlers, and children.


----- Easy to use: Just press the button and insert the silicone tip into your nostril to adjust the suction power to level 9. The removable storage cup makes cleaning a breeze.


----- Ready to use: This baby nasal aspirator is compact and easy to carry. In this way you can overcome the problem of nasal congestion easily and happily anytime and anywhere. Special gift for new mothers.


-----Kid-Friendly Design: Built-in music and light function will distract little patients and help you suction nasal mucus quickly. The main unit connects to the end via a 32-inch tube, keeping your child away from the bike. and protected from surprising experiences. Best gift for kids

Material: silicone


White color


Product Care Instructions: If using a tapered tip, ensure the tip is 100% firmly against the nostril to create a proper seal. If using a flat or angled tip make sure the tip hole is 100% aligned with the slime. If you have any doubts, please contact us. We will send you a short user guide.

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