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Baby Tongue Cleaner 30pcs Cleans Milk Stains

Baby Tongue Cleaner 30pcs Cleans Milk Stains


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Dr.isla  Baby Tongue Cleaner 30pcs Cleans Milk Stains QJ02


There will be tartar and tongue coating in the baby's long teeth. You can use your baby's oral cleaner to clean your teeth and tongue coating. Help your baby develop good oral hygiene as soon as possible to prevent oral health problems.

The soft degreased net is comfortable to use and will not damage the teeth. You can also massage your baby's gums to reduce the discomfort of your baby's long teeth. Made of paper, the handle is harder, healthier, biodegradable, and resistant to bending and breakage. Effectively remove oral stains, milk stains, apply tongue to keep the mouth clean and provide good oral care for your baby. The baby is safe and healthy.


- Made of cotton gauze and paper shaft handle

- Come with individual vacuum packing with pre-sterilized (*30pcs per can).

- Soft and gentle cleansing for baby's mouth/teeth/tongue (especially after milk feeding).

- Double Dense Suture

- Can be used wet or dry.

- One-time use / disposable.

- Thick and firm material.

- 5 Layer of 3D Wave Brush for 360-degree cleaning.

Feature of Product:

No fluorescent agent

Disposable stick

Individual packaging

Safe material gauze cotton for baby.

How to use ?

1. Hold and hug your baby right up properly

2. Use the cotton swab dry or wet the cotton with warm water (*Do not use hot water above 30 Degree Celsius)

3. Clean your baby's oral/mouth/teeth/tongue gently

4. Dispose it after use.

Package contents:

Product Quantity : 30pcs / Set

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