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Baby Nail Clipper Set 5 in 1 Baby Nail Scissors

Baby Nail Clipper Set 5 in 1 Baby Nail Scissors


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Dr.isla 5in1 baby nail clippers Manicure Set Nature Series (5in1 Baby Manicure Equipment) Baby nail trimmer ZJJ01

Dr.isla presents a collection of baby nail care made from Premium Quality Anti-Rust Stainless Steel with a Non Blunt design which is safe for babies. Not only that, the plastic materials used are: and ABS plastic (strong premium plastic), BPA free and free of dangerous chemicals and does not use recycled plastic materials, thus providing an extra sense of security for mothers and their little ones.
*) Superiority:
- Made of premium quality stainless steel and ABS plastic (strong premium plastic)
- Non-blunt design and rounded ends that are safe for children
- BPA free and dangerous chemicals
- Does not use recycled plastic materials
- For children aged 0 months and over
- Material Nail files are made of premium glass, so they are durable
- There is a Cover Case: Easy to store and to travel with.

*) Consist of:
1. Safety Scissors (nail clippers)
- Round tip design: specially designed for the safety of baby's little fingernails
- Comfortable grip and non-slip grip: makes it easier for mom to cut baby's nails

2. Nail Clippers (nail cutters)
- Ergonomic handle and anti-slip grip
- The front / blade is designed in a semi-spherical (curved) and small shape for safety and follows the baby's natural nail shape
- Useful for cutting baby's nails from various angles

3. Glass Nail File (Nail File)
- Round tip design, non-rough surface for baby's safety and comfort

4. Safety Tweezers (Tweezers): shaped tip design, anti-slip, and easy to use to pick up dirt in a child's nose/ears

5. Protective Case (Save Container): to keep it hygienic to keep it from dust, easy to store and travel

Care and Use:
- For initial use and periodic cleaning: Sterilize tools with an alcohol wipe or UV light. Do not sterilize or boil using high temperature hot water. Always keep it dry.
- Don't cut your nails too deeply.

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