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Baby Fetal Heart Rate Detector Heartbeat Fetal Doppler 3.0MHz

Baby Fetal Heart Rate Detector Heartbeat Fetal Doppler 3.0MHz


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Dr.isla Doppler Baby Heartbeat Fetal Doppler 3.0MHz Fetal Doppler Baby Fetal Heart Detector T6

Baby Heart Rate Monitor: Perfect for monitoring the heart rate, kicks and movements of the unborn baby.
Large LCD Screen Display: With a large LCD screen for easy operation.
Practical Tool for Pregnant Women: Pregnant women can operate their own Baby Doppler to listen to fetal heart sounds and calculate FHR.
Sensitive Probe for Clear Voice: 3MHZ Doppler probe, ultrasonic baby heartbeat detector, low ultrasound power, safe and accurate.
Be aware of the purpose of Pre-fetal monitoring and care. (Powered by 2x AA batteries, not included)

Material: ABS plastic
Product size: 135 x 98 x 30mm/5.31 x 3.86 x 1.18 inches
Rated voltage: DC 3V
Battery Type: 2x AA batteries (not included)
Fetal heart rate range: 50BPM-230BPM
Ultrasonic frequency: 3.0MHz
Fetal heart rate measurement accuracy: ±2BPM
Waterproof grade: IP5 dustproof and waterproof

Package Included:
1 piece Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
1 Piece Instructions

Lying on your back, apply couplant to the probe after it is turned on, squeeze the stomach with a little pressure, and move the probe slowly. Start looking down, and when you hear the usual popping sound, it's the fetal heart sound. Press the probe firmly, and the machine will measure the baby's one-minute fetal heart rate in about a few seconds. The normal heart rate range is 110-160. After hearing the correct fetal heart rate, view the data. The data that appears when the fetal heart rate is not heard is invalid.
The fetal heart rate is not fixed, it fluctuates up and down. The value that appears on the screen a few seconds after hearing the baby's fetal heart sound is the average baby's heart rate.

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