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Baby Feeding Bottle 150Ml Wide Neck Feeding Bottle With Straw BYP11

Baby Feeding Bottle 150Ml Wide Neck Feeding Bottle With Straw BYP11


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Dr.isla Byp11 PPSU Feeding Bottle, Baby Feeding Bottle, Wide Neck Feeding Bottle, Tea-Colored Feeding Bottle With Straw 8oz/5oz, Prevents Choking.

Dr.isla PPSU feeding bottle, brown feeding bottle, can be opened with one hand easy to clean Special price-240ml/150ml


2.Long service life

3. Square-shaped milk bottle with rounded edges, comfortable to hold and prevents rolling.

4. Wide bottle mouth million easy to clean

5. The pacifier is designed asymmetrically. Makes the angle of the child's bottle lift is not natural. Reduce the reflux of milk

6. Prevent colic

Product highlights

1. The product comes with a straw, which is more convenient for babies to suck.

2. The vents of the milk bottle are designed to allow little air to enter, reducing air bubbles and reducing the loss of milk nutrients. Reduces the amount of air entering your baby's tummy from drinking milk.

3. Revolutionizes the design of baby bottles by cutting off the threads that make use difficult, creating a bottle that can be opened and closed with one hand. And the design makes it easy to carry and reduce spills.

4. Oval-shaped nipple that mimics the shape of a mother's nipple to stimulate baby's suckling. Makes breastfeeding and bottle feeding smoother. The nipple position that is not in the center of the bottle allows the baby to drink at a natural angle.

5. Make steps faster Whether it is collecting milk or feeding milk, it can be done in a single bottle. With a breast pump head that can be connected directly to the milk bottle, there will be no unnecessary spillage or residue from breast milk.

6. Easy to clean. Access to every corner. With a bottle-shaped design that has a wide mouth and no corners, it makes washing bottles cleaner than ever.


- 1 bottle

- 5oz/150ml

- 0 months+

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