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Baby Bottle Nipple 330ML BPA Free

Baby Bottle Nipple 330ML BPA Free


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Dr.isla Baby Pacifier Milk Bottle 330ML Baby Drinking Bottle BPA Free Newborn Baby Bottle

The Natural Way To Bottle Feed
Bottles comes with skin soft material nipple and flexible spiral design, more closely resembles the breast. The comfort petals and natural nipple shape allows natural latch on and makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding.


Natural latch on: Easy to combine breast & bottle feeding
Unique comfort petals with Spiral Design: For extra soft & flexible nipple
Anti-colic valve: Advanced anti-colic system
Ergonomic Bottle shape: Easy to hold and for maximum comfort


Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
• Natural latch on due to the wide breast shaped nipple

A more comfortable and contented feed for baby
• Unique comfort petals with spiral design for an extra soft and flexible nipple

Air goes into the bottle, not baby's tummy
• Advanced anti colic system with innovative twin valve

Easy to hold and grip in any direction
• Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort

Other benefits
• This bottle is BPA free*
• Compatible with the majority of the Philips AVENT range
• Available in different sizes (150ml and 330ml)
• Simple to use and clean, quick and easy assembly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
afford a lively thing

Function: very good
good quality
The bottle is the same size as other brands and the quality is good, but the price is more affordable

all people love

Performance: good
Suitable for: baby
high quality
The baby likes to use this very much

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