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240ML/300ML Gravity Ball Feeding Bottle With Handle BPA Free

240ML/300ML Gravity Ball Feeding Bottle With Handle BPA Free


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Dr. Isla Newborn Baby Bottle, A Gravity Ball Baby Bottle With Handle 240ML/300ML BPA-Free  N001

The soft touch, color, and size of nipples resemble the mother's breasts
●️Withstands High Temperature -20°~ 180°
●️Has a straw for easy feeding in any position Washable - Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwasher, and sterilizer.
️●Anti-colic nipple system - prevents gagging

Stretchable nipple nipple
Gold color
Material: Food Grade Nano Silver Liquid Silicone Bottle / Food Grade Nano Silver Silicone Pacifier
Food Grade PP/

Instructions for use:
1. Disassemble the product before use and clean and disinfect the bottle.
2. When assembling the bottle, please wash your hands first.
3. When brewing powdered milk, be careful not to use too hot water to avoid scalding the baby. Powdered milk should be used according to the manufacturer's instructions.
4. Adjust the temperature and feed accordingly. (The most suitable is around 37°C/99°F)
5. The intermediate ring must be fixed and screwed before using the bottle.
6. The temperature of the milk in the bottle must be confirmed before giving it.
7. Disassemble and wash the bottle after feeding.

Cleaning instructions:
After each feeding, pour out the remaining milk and clean it in time to prevent milk stains from condensing
bottle. Disassemble the components and clean the components with cleaning solution. Pay special attention to the bottle spiral. When cleaning the nipple, turn the nipple upside down and flush the air vent with water.

Disinfection instructions:
When boiling water is disinfected, avoid bottled products that come into direct contact with the disinfectant

Includes: Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Feeding Bottle x 1 pc

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