About Dr.isla

Dr.isla was founded in 2019 by Mr. Lee, who has just become a father and has served as a product manager for a long time. At the beginning, Mr. Lee focused on the design and development of safe and secure products used by his children and his wife, and began to sell them through offline channels in China in 2020, and has cooperated with hundreds of offline stores in China.

For the better development of Dr.isla, Dr.isla will join the LANCEST LIMITED group company in 2021, determined to be a brand of maternal and child health products, targeting mothers and families of children around the world.

Dr.isla started overseas business in 2021, and currently has achieved very good sales offline in Germany, Japan, and the United States, providing customers with customized OEM production.

Starting in 2022, Dr.isla will start e-commerce business in Southeast Asia. Currently, it has about 10 e-commerce flagship stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Starting in 2023, Dr.isla began to expand to the e-commerce markets in the United States and Europe, and has achieved good results so far.

With the brand's original mission of "Improving your live with care", Dr.Isla Electronics has continuously carried out product R & D and innovation.

Dr.Isla has a professional  R & D center, a 40000 square meter factory, first-rate production lines and product inspection equipment, professional laboratories and molding centers, and modeling and monitoring equipment with an annual output of 200000 units. The implementation of ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management systems provides a reliable guarantee for product R & D, design and production. It has won the titles of "integrity unit", "double soft certification enterprise" and "high-tech enterprise" awarded by provincial and municipal units, and has passed a number of foreign professional certifications such as CE, RHOS, CPC, MDA, NMPA, SGS, CFS and FDA. 

Dr.Isla Values
Equality, integrity, cooperation and innovation
Dr.Isla mission
Improving your live with care
Dr.Isla vision
Become the benchmark brand of maternal and child health products

High-quality ≠ Expensive. We at Dr.isla are passionate about creating the highest quality products at affordable prices.

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